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Ulysse Bonneau
Web Developer 22 years old
I am a young french engineer, currently working as an apprentice at CEA during my studies at Efrei Paris. My passion about programming led me to multiple schools and internships that helped me hone my skills over the past few years. As a web developer, I like to write clean code and develop high-quality websites using various technologies and frameworks.
Augusta Tsampi Class representative Ulysse is a sunny, unifying student who always sets the right mood.
Mathis Da Cruz Classmate Without any doubt, he's the best teammate ever ! Ulysse is the GOAT, you can trust me.
Mathis Da Cruz Classmate I'm a big fan of Ulysse's coding skills.
Mathis Da Cruz Classmate A legendary man and a future prodigy.
CEA Paris Saclay logo
CEA Paris Saclay Software Engineer (Apprenticeship)
2022 - 2024
As part of a small team, I participated in the development of Pixano, an open-source image annotation and exploration tool. As of today, Pixano is used by a lot of AI researchers at CEA to develop their machine learning models.
Hitachi Rail logo
Hitachi Rail Software Developer (Internship)
May - August 2021
Under the supervision of my manager, I created a tool to automate the writing of test reports. I parsed the output of thousands of tests run on a software to generate more readable PDF documents.
EDF Lab Paris Saclay logo
EDF Lab Paris Saclay Software Developer (Internship)
May - July 2020
Under the supervision of a researcher, I studied Meta's AI Habitat tool to determine whether it could be integrated into EDF's stack.